Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello everyone it has been a long time since I wrote a blog about camping and would like to touch on a couple of things that myself and my family love to do while camping. We love to take nature walks through the woods and discover new and exciting animals and birds in the camping parks that we stay in we love to fish and enjoy all of the things that the campsites have to offer. When we go for walks we take a long our trustee walking stick to help keep our balance while walking in the woods. But the most important thing to wear while walking in the woods is bug spray because up here in the Northeast we have a lot of ticks and mosquitoes. The best thing that we love about camping is sitting by the campfire. When we go camping, we only use the campfire to cook all our food just like it was way back in time when there were no stoves and no grills, we use a metal campfire cooking grate and cast-iron cookware. And in closing I would just like to add that camping is a family fun activity that you and your family can have lots of fun doing, most of our spring, summer and fall we are camping just about every weekend. So everyone gear up for the 2010 camping season.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Camping Check List A Must Have

As I sit here and write this blog, there were some stories about what people have forgotten when they leave the house for their exciting camping trip whether it's local or out-of-state you can be sure that you will forget something whether it's for yourself your wife or your kids or even very important things like one time comes to mind, that myself and my wife forgot our tent can you believe it the most important thing, so here you are in our half away from our house with no tent and is roughly around 4:30 PM Eastern time and like I said in our half away from home, now what are we going to do, as we both throw our hands up in the air and angry each other, and we both said now what are we going to do well we asked some of the other campers if there was a sporting goods store close to the campground. Not only do we forget the tent we forgot our son sleeping bag ,so our four-day family fun camping trip was on the down turn of a great time. So I came up with a checklist for those who are in a hurry or don't have a lot of time before they head out on their next camping adventure. As you know it's kind of funny in a way that something will go wrong and it's just like Murphy's Law. So feel free to leave your comments if you wish, and it comes down to in the end, that myself and my family always laugh about that day. The whole moral to this blog is to take your time and enjoy the fun of going camping no matter what time you get out of work and you are rushed so please make a checklist up, and line up everything up by your vehicle then pack it all in and go, enjoy your family fun camping trip. And always remember the most important thing you're tent!